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Gregori Serper vs Ionnadis Nikolaidis

King's Indian Defence, Kramer variation

Grigori Serper plays the Sacrifice immortal and sacrifices all of his pieces and achieves a spectacular victory over Ioannis Nikolaidis in the St Petersburg Open of 1993.

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In this chess lessons we analyze a fantastic game between Gregori Serper and Ioannis Nikolaidis playing the Kramer variation of the Kings Indian Defense. Chess books are often deservingly filled to the brim with games played by the world’s best and most famous players. However, in today’s article we are going to be looking at a game played by Grandmaster Gregory Serper. He’s not as well known as some of the world champions but plays like one in the featured game. He sacrifices all of his starting back rank pieces and wins a one of a kind game with this masterpiece.

Immortal Sacrifice Serper Vs Nikolaidis
Gregori Serper
Ioannis Nikolaidis
St Petersburg, Russia
King’s Indian, Kramer Variation

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