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Efim Korchmar vs Evsey Poliak

Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Variation

In this online chess lesson we analyze the Ukrainian Immortal Game featuring the Steinitz Variation of the Ruy Lopez. A very beautiful game played between Efim Korchmar and Evsey Poliak in the Ukrainian Chess Championship of 1937.

Video Analysis

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jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var selector = '#' + "rpbchessboard-6475b2e391cdf-1" + ' .rpbchessboard-chessgameAnchor'; RPBChessboard.renderPGN($(selector), {"pgn":"[Event \"UKR-ch\"] [Site \"URS\"] [Date \"1937.07.09\"] [Round \"17\"] [White \"Efim Korchmar\"] [Black \"Evsey Poliak\"] [Result \"1-0\"] [ECO \"C62\"] [Annotator \"Mac\"] [PlyCount \"45\"] [EventDate \"1937.??.??\"] [SourceDate \"2014.01.17\"] {The Ukrainian Immortal Game doesn’t start out with players that you might expect but it still has the quality that you would. Korchmar was born in the Ukraine and this game was played there as well. It starts with a dry variation of the Spanish Game but quickly leads to a strong attack for white.} 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 d6 (3... a6 {This is of course a very popular variation known as the Morphy defense.}) (3... Nf6 {Kramnik popularized this opening which is now considered one of the toughest responses to the Spanish game.}) 4. d4 Bd7 5. Nc3 Nf6 6. O-O (6. Bxc6 $2 {This doesn’t help white at all. It does remove a defender from e5 but gives black the bishop pair and allows them to pressure e4.} Bxc6 7. dxe5 dxe5 $132) 6... Nxd4 7. Bxd7+ Qxd7 8. Nxd4 exd4 9. Qxd4 {[#][%csl Gd4] As I mention in the video, typically the side who is more cramped would like to exchange pieces. This usually allows the defensive side to have less problems finding good squares for their pieces. Unfortunately, that’s enough to fix black’s problems here. White still has much better development and activity.} Be7 10. Rd1 $1 {[%cal Ye4e5] Playing against black’s idea of castling.} O-O (10... Qe6 $5 {This is a better defensive try. It stops e4-e5 from being overpowering but white is still better.} 11. Nd5 Bd8 (11... Nxd5 $6 12. exd5 {[%cal Ye1e7]} Qf5 (12... Qg6 13. Re1 $1 $16) 13. Qxg7 $16)) 11. e5 $1 $16 {[%cal Yd1d7]} Ne8 $1 12. Bf4 {[#][%csl Yd6][%cal Yf4d6,Yd1d6] } a5 {[%cal Ya8a6] Black is planning to play Ra6 in an effort to get the rook into the game.} 13. Rd3 $5 {[#][%cal Yd3g3,Ya1e1] White says if you can do it so can I!} (13. Re1 $1 {[%cal Ye5d6,Ye1e7] This was even better. The idea is to prevent black from unraveling with Qe6.}) 13... Ra6 {[%csl Ra1]} (13... Qe6 $1 {This was definitely black’s best chance at fixing some of their issues.} 14. Nd5 Bd8 {[%csl Ra8,Rd8,Re8,Rf8] This is not a pretty position but black is ready to liquidate the center and bring their pieces off of the back row.}) 14. Re1 $1 {[%cal Yd3d7,Ye1e7]} Qf5 15. Nd5 {[%cal Rd5e7,Re7g8,Re7f5]} Bd8 16. exd6 {[%cal Ye1e8,Yd4g7]} Nxd6 17. Rg3 {[%cal Yg3g7,Yd4g7]} f6 18. Bh6 {[%cal Yh6g7, Yg3g7]} Rf7 {[#][%cal Yd6e8,Re1e8]} 19. Nb4 $3 {[%cal Yd4d6]} axb4 20. Qxd6 Qd7 21. Qd5 $3 {[%cal Yd5g8] Absolutely stunning move and the only one that leads to a winning position for white. Black is paralyzed. There are no moves here that will help deal with the combined threats on g7 and the back rank!} Kf8 ( 21... g6 22. Rge3 $1 {[#][%cal Re3e8,Re8g8]}) 22. Rxg7 Qxd5 23. Rg8+ $1 {[%cal Yf8g8,Ye1e8] A nice finishing stroke. Once black takes the rook, white will play Re8 and deliver mate on f8 on the next turn.} 1-0","nboSquareSize":50,"idoSquareSize":50,"nboCoordinateVisible":true,"idoCoordinateVisible":true,"nboColorset":"greenvintage","idoColorset":"greenvintage","nboPieceset":"new-set-mac","idoPieceset":"new-set-mac","nboAnimated":true,"nboMoveArrowVisible":false,"nboMoveArrowColor":"b","pieceSymbols":"native","navigationBoard":"frame","withFlipButton":true,"withDownloadButton":true}); });

Efim Korchmar vs Evsey Poliak

Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Variation

There have been an endless amount of impressive talents and players from Ukraine, however the Ukrainian Immortal Game features a few lesser known players. The game starts out with a dry and defensive Ruy Lopez with Korchmar playing the white pieces and Poliak playing the black pieces. Despite black’s defensive setup in the Steinitz variation of the Ruy Lopez, black can only keep white’s attack at bay for so long. White picks the perfect time to strike once Korchmar’s pieces are in prime position. The game comes to a swift and beautiful conclusion but only several imaginative and unique attacking moves. You are in for a treat with this game!

Ruy Lopez Steinitz Variation Korchmar Poliak Chess Lesson
Efim Korchmar
Evsey Poliak
Kiev, Ukraine ,USSR
Ukraine Chess Championship
09 Jul 1937
Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Variation

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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