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Glucksberg vs Miguel Najdorf

Dutch Opening, Stonewall Variation , approx. 1929

In this chess lesson Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner analyzes the Polish immortal where Miguel Najdorf plays the Dutch defense against mystery man Glucksberg.

Video Analysis

Glucksberg vs Najdorf

Dutch opening, stonewall variation, the Polish immortal

Miguel Najdorf originally from Poland, left a lasting mark on chess through one of the most popular openings in chess, the Najdorf Sicilian. The Najdorf as it’s often referred to, has been championed by some of the best players in history and is still a frequent guest at the highest levels of chess. Surprisingly, his Immortal game also known as the Polish Immortal is played against Glucksberg not with his own signature opening, but with a much more speculative one, the Stonewall Dutch Defense. The Stonewall variation of the Dutch defense can reach closed games but also vicious attacks if White is not careful and that is exactly what happens in this game.

Polish Immortal Glucks Berg Vs Najdorf Online Chess Course
Warsaw, Poland
Miguel Najdorf
Dutch Opening, Stonewall variation
approx. 1929

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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