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Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy has a vast experience with all kind of chess school programs and after school chess programs  click here for more information. These have long been considered a way for children to increase their mental prowess, concentration, memory, and analytical skills. To anyone who has known the game, it comes as no surprise that these assumptions were actually proven in several studies on how chess can improve the grades of students. Although chess classes have been shown to increase the mental abilities of persons of all ages, the main studies have shown that especially grandmaster chess lessons and  chess classes for kids accomplish the best results. This is first for the obvious reason that students are constantly tested anyway, and therefore the data need only be analyzed, and secondly because children’s mental development is more rapid and can be more easily measured than persons at a later life stage.

Chess classes for kids have been proven to boost concentration, logical reasoning, critical thinking and show other benefits as well. With our grandmaster chess lessons and other chess classes students will be not only enjoy chess but be engaged in the process of learning.

Grandmaster Chess Lesson

Our chess school programs and after-school chess programs are designed to meet the goals and objectives of the schools and academies we work with. Whether the goal is simply learning chess and having fun or competing at a local, state or national level, Grandmaster Mac chess academy has the instructors and material. We will bring all of the equipment needed for a fun chess class  for kids or adults, including pieces, boards, clocks and printouts.

Kid Playing Chess

If you have not found the chess school program you are looking for under any of our other listings, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the chess program you are looking for!  We are happy to help create a customized grandmaster chess lessons, chess coaching and other type of chess classes for kids tailored to your needs!

Chess School Program
After School Chess Program

Like the chess world at large, here at Grandmaster Mac we offer more than just chess school programs and chess classes for kids; we’re a community of people of all different ages, genders and background who come together to learn, to have fun, and (of course) to capture that sweet taste of victory as often as possible. We are passionate about creating the right environment to keep you motivating and helping you learn to play chess online. Help us out and share Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy with your friends.

Grandmaster Mac also offers private online chess coaching and chess classes. These allow you to receive a more custom experienced designed for you to become better at chess and reach the next level. Often these best way to improve at chess and learn to play chess online as our chess teachers and chess instructors have all the time they need to focus their attention just on just you. Private online chess coaching and online chess classes will improve your chess abilities and have significant positive impact on your ELO.

Explore our Chess Lessons & Chess Videos

Check out our library of chess lessons designed to give you the most valuable lessons on your road of chess improvement and help you learn and improve your chess. When it comes to learning chess, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience! Stay tuned at Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy for the new chess videos and articles added regularly.

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