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Learning And Teaching Chess

Unlock the Benefits of Learning Chess: Learn Chess Online in NJ & NYC

Learn to Play Chess Online here at Grandmaster Mac

Unlock Your Chess Potential with our Expert Grandmaster Instructors. Whether you’re a passionate chess enthusiast seeking online chess training or a young mind eager to learn, our chess training for kids and adults cater to all. Embrace the most effective way to learn chess through personalized tutoring, available both in-person and online. Our grandmasters are dedicated to taking your chess skills to new heights.

Unveiling the Ancient Game of Chess: Its Rich History and Endless Advantages

Chess, one of the oldest games in the world, holds a captivating history dating back over 1500 years. As the game evolved and spread across the globe, it united people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and age groups, forging strong connections over a shared passion for this timeless game. In this article, we delve into the scientific evidence that supports how chess not only enhances your mind but also enriches your body and soul.

Children Playing Chess

Chess classes for kids

It can also help you build up the ability to see from someone else’s perspective and lead to better planning skills. A chess player who is a kid needs to work with an organized thought process to develop a good move.

Learning To Play Chess

Benefits of Learning Chess

First of all, chess is a game for people of all ages. You can learn to play at any age, and as a result, most European countries are setting up chess classes for kids in their schools. Chess can increase a kid’s intelligence, concentration levels, critical thinking, and improve their memory, along with other benefits.

Boy And Chess Piece

What can chess teach you?

The benefits of chess are undeniable. Chess uses a completely different thought process than what many children are used to in video games and the world of fast media. Kids will learn to slow down their mind and work through an organized thought process focusing on the two things below. 

Girls Playing Chess


Using the different factors of the position to judge who has the better chances. This causes children to slow down and look at different important things about how the pieces are set up and then evaluate their chances. There are three different phases of the game in which this can happen, the opening (getting your pieces out), the middlegame (setting up attacks, captures, and tactics), and the endgame. 


Calculation is the ability to analyze moves that are not yet happening on the chessboard. This is a crucial skill for young chess players to develop as it helps them use cause and effect to understand how their own actions will affect the game. By honing this skill, they can grasp the benefits of chess, enabling them to think ahead strategically and make informed decisions on the board.

Chess has a strong impact on kids as it shows them clearly that success rewards hard work and continuity.

Just start (don’t worry about perfection). Go for it and build a habit of Learning and  Practicing, many start and then give up, Don’t give up!

The more you practice the better you become. You should be ready to lose and learn from your mistakes. Most people will learn much more from a game they lose than a game they win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player as “Continuity is the Key.”

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Chess programs for Schools and Education

Chess is a big educational tool for schools, offering a low-cost activity for students. Students of different cultures, backgrounds, ages, and special needs can all take part in chess classes or clubs, reaping the benefits of chess. As we’ve mentioned earlier, age is not a factor when you are playing or learning chess online. When you are looking for an opponent, young can play old, and old can play young.

Whether you’re young or old, chess can improve your attentiveness. During the game, you are only focused on one goal, to “checkmate” or to come to victory, experiencing the many advantages of chess. Discover the benefits of chess with us at Grandmaster Mac.

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Grandmaster Mac has over 10 years of experienced in creating exciting and engaging content for many schools who have added chess to their curriculum. Click here to learn more about our school chess programs and not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions you might have.

Here is how you learn chess effectively

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1: Game analysis

No matter what your level of chess is, there is no substitute for analyzing your own games with a mentor. This is the best way to improve. A chess mentor can help you figure out where the mistakes and weak spots in your game are. During game review with my students, we focus on recreating what the student was thinking and picking out what goes right and wrong. We will identify a pattern of mistakes and use other training methods on this list to help improve the areas that need working on. Being able to do a deep dive into your games is one of the most valuable aspects of having a chess coach.

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2: Lessons on important themes

All chess players need a strong foundation to make sure they have the knowledge to succeed. Although some players struggle with things that others don’t, there is no doubt that we all need to have an understanding of fundamental concepts in chess. As you grow as a chess player and fill in the foundation of knowledge that you need, a chess coach will be able to give you lessons focused on topics that will help you succeed the most for where you are at. Examples of this would be, lessons focused on king positioning in endgames, active piece placement in the middlegame, and how to spot tactically vulnerable pieces.

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3: Reviewing games

There are only a handful of people in the World that can play at the level of someone like Carlsen, Kasparov, etc. We don’t have to hold ourselves to their standards of chess, but we can certainly pick up on their decision-making habits and learn how they think about a position. By analyzing their games with a chess teacher, it’s much easier to pick up on the most important moments of their games and make the most out of what there is to learn from it. In classes with my students, I select games that follow a theme that the student needs to learn about, including how to learn to play chess. We will focus on the most critical moments of a game where this theme pops up. By doing this, you get to see how the thing you need to learn pops up in games and how to make the most of it. Also, it is always a joy to see the great games of chess history!

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4: Openings

Openings- Openings are a great way to turn preparation into results. By learning an opening well, you can take all of the guesswork out of the beginning of the game. You can complete the first phase knowing that you’ve outplayed your opponent and can look to the middlegame with confidence. I teach principled openings that help my students understand how to make the most challenging moves, while also containing danger for the opponent if they make a mistake. The openings can be adjusted to suit the style of play that the student likes. This is one of the greatest advantages of having a chess teacher.

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5: Excersises

Exercises are a valuable part of the training process to learn to play chess. In combination with lessons on important themes, exercises give students a chance to put what they have learned to the test. By constantly testing and refining your knowledge, you will gradually push past your previous knowledge levels. Having a chess teacher that can guide you with the proper exercises can help ensure you make the most out of your training time.

Other benefits of chess

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