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J. Zhu vs S. Finn

Kings Indian Defense

In this chess lesson we analyze a game of Sean Finn, one of our teammates who plays the Kings Indian highlighting the importance of the bishop pair in the middlegame.

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J. Zhu vs S. Finn

Kings Indian Defense

Sean Finn, one of our teammates is playing the black pieces in this game. He plays a King’s Indian Defense, which leads to a big struggle. His opponent makes the wrong decision to trade bishops in the middlegame which leads to a big attack for Sean. Sean brings the point home and helps bring us one round closer to playing for first place in the final match.

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Chess Lessons Passers Zhu Vs Finn
J. Zhu
S. Finn
Amateur Team Championship – East
February 14, 2021Internet Chess Club
Kings Indian Defense

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Siegbert Tarash

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