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Grandmaster Mac: Your Dedicated Chess Coach, Instructors, and Teachers

Unlock the Chess World with Our Expert Coaching and Lessons

Welcome to Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy, your ultimate destination for learning chess! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a complete beginner, our academy has you covered. With a keen focus on chess coaching, instruction, and teaching, we offer a range of online coaching services, classes, and school programs that cater to both kids and adults, all at an affordable price. Led by a team of highly skilled grandmasters, chess instructors, and dedicated chess teachers, our personalized coaching programs are designed to meet your specific needs and enhance your chess skills. Our library of chess lessons and videos is regularly updated, covering a wide array of topics, including openings, novelties, famous games, and more.

Join our passionate community of chess enthusiasts and stay informed about our latest classes and offerings. Discover the perfect class that suits you best, and start your journey towards improving your chess game today with Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy.

Grandmaster Mac Chess Coach

“Many have become chess Masters, no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarrasch

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Meet Our Expert Chess Coaches and Chess Instructors

Although becoming the Master of Chess remains a lofty goal, our passion for the game drives us forward. Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy is your premier destination to learn and play chess, offering top-quality and affordable online chess coaching. Effective chess coaching and training are vital to excelling in the game, and Mac understands this well. Mackenzie Molner has curated a team of dedicated chess teachers and skilled chess enthusiasts, empowering advanced tournament players to refine their skills while providing beginner players with a solid foundation to cultivate their love for the game. Experience the expertise of our grandmasters here at

Chess boasts an impressive history of over 1400 years, and its popularity continues to soar. Beyond being a fun game, research shows that learning chess, particularly at a young age in schools and academies, fosters critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, thoughtfulness, patience, and a strong work ethic. Even in old age, regular chess play benefits the brain by keeping the mind sharp. Once you fall in love with chess, it becomes a lifelong passion. Our devoted team, led by skilled chess teachers at Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy, is thrilled to share our ardor for the game with you. Learn from the best: our grandmasters and dedicated chess teachers are here to guide you!

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Choose Your Path: Apply for Chess Coaching or Explore School Programs

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Enhance Your Chess Skills with Personalized Online Coaching

Looking to elevate your chess game? Look no further than Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy. Our expert chess instructors provide personalized online coaching, ensuring the most effective way to learn and enhance your skills.

Led by a team of experienced grandmasters, we offer both in-person and online coaching, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. Our customized approach guarantees optimized growth and continuous progress evaluation.

Choose Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy for top-notch personalized online coaching. Improve your chess game today!


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Empowering Schools with Experienced Chess Instructors

At Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy, we take pride in offering tailored after-school chess programs that align with the unique goals and objectives of the schools we collaborate with. Our mission is to make learning chess a fun and effective experience for kids, while also preparing them to excel in local, state, or even national-level competitions.

Our team of experienced chess teachers and chess instructors comes fully equipped with all the necessary chess class materials, including pieces, boards, clocks, and printouts. Under our expert guidance and with access to valuable resources, students will have ample opportunities to hone their skills and cultivate a passion for the game of chess.

Choose Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy for top-quality after-school chess programs that empower your students to succeed. Contact us today to explore our programs and discover how we can help your school achieve its chess goals.

Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner

About Mackenzie Molner

Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner, affectionately known as Mac to his friends and students, was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey. His love for chess blossomed at the age of seven during a captivating summer camp experience, igniting a lifelong passion for the game. Witnessing his unwavering dedication to chess at home, his parents recognized the need for new competition to keep up with his insatiable thirst for the game.

Classes and tournaments soon followed, and Mac’s exceptional talent caught the attention of Michael Khodarkovsky, a globally acclaimed chess coach. Under Khodarkovsky’s expert guidance, Mac’s chess prowess flourished, leading to numerous individual and team triumphs throughout his scholastic journey. Victories included the K-3 state championship, national team championship, and an impressive first-place finish in the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, among others.

Even as a full-time student at New York University, Mac’s passion for chess persisted. He made a mark in the chess world, participating in prestigious events like the World Junior Championship in Yerevan, Armenia, where his tactical brilliance earned him the title of International Master while still in college. Transitioning to a professional chess career in Arizona, Mac not only achieved the grandmaster title himself but also excelled as a chess teacher, nurturing aspiring players through after-school programs and private coaching.

Mac’s coaching prowess brought success to his students and school teams, reaching impressive heights. Coaching the World Youth Team in the UAE, he witnessed one of his students securing a Gold Medal with nearly a perfect score. As a chess instructor and grandmaster, Mac continues to inspire and guide the next generation of chess enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the chess community.

In 2015, Mac’s school programs achieved remarkable success, securing 1st place in the State Scholastic Championship across all divisions, from grades K-1 to K-9. Leaving behind an even more thriving chess community in Arizona, he has now returned to his hometown with a passion for continuing to teach both online and in-person chess lessons. His dedication to playing and fostering a vibrant chess community in the place where he first learned to move the pieces is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the game and its enthusiasts.

Inspiring Words from Our Satisfied Chess Enthusiasts

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Jay Pathak
GM Mac is the best at coaching and ensuring that kids enjoy learning and playing the game of Chess. He tries to keep things simple for kids to understand. He provides right level of focus on every student and challenge his students to go an extra mile. I do recommend him based on his coaching in last six months of so to my loved one.
Ryan Thompson
I have had Mac for 5 years, and in that time, I have seen great growth in my chess. I started around 1600 with him, and I managed to get up to 2000. My openings have diversified and solidified while being open to play some fun sidelines. But I think the most important part was he was a positive and fun coach and always found a way to make chess great. I love to go to chess lessons to learn more chess and solve puzzles. Overall, I would recommend my coach and my friend, Mac.
Andrea Damon
My son has been taking chess lessons from Mac for 1.5 years as either private lessons or part of his group virtual summer camp program. Lessons with Mac are something my son looks forward to all day! He often starts the lesson with a new tactic or skill he wants my son to work on, then they often review one of my sons recent games and discuss different moves and ways he could have played, and then ends the lesson by playing a game. The group lessons were a fun experience where in addition to the new tactics that were taught, my son also had the opportunity to play against other kids roughly his age/ability in quick games in a tournament style. He was always so excited for every win and seeing where he ranked at the end of the class. I am very glad to have found Mac as a coach, he is patient, has taught my son a lot about chess, and most importantly helped my sons love for chess grow!
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