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Watching chess videos on YouTube and reading about chess openings can only take you so far. If you really want to improve your chess you need top level coaching. Grandmaster Mac offers just that. Top notch chess classes and online chess coaching from Grandmasters designed for you to improve your chess significantly.

Grandmaster Mac chess academy offers the highest quality chess classes  and chess coaching.  We are a team of dedicated and skilled chess instructors and enthusiasts led by Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner. We help advanced tournament players hone their skills as well as guide beginner chess players into an exciting new world as they learn to play chess online and discover their passion for the game through our online chess coaching and chess classes. With our main offices located in New Jersey we most frequently teach chess classes for kids in schools near Summit, Chatham, Montclair, Millburn and Short Hills but can cover all of Northern New Jersey and New York City.

Click here to apply for  online chess coaching and private chess lessons. This is the most effective way to learn chess. Chess lessons have also been proven to boost concentration, logical reasoning, critical thinking and show many other benefits as well. Receiving chess coaching and chess lessons directly from Grandmasters is even more effective for kids because of their ability to absorb knowledge at much faster rates than adults. Our online chess coaching and online chess classes will significantly improve your knowledge of chess. With Grandmaster Mac’s method students will enjoy every second of our online chess coaching. Students will enjoy learning to play chess and be fully engaged in the process of learning this beautiful game. What are you waiting for? Get online chess coaching now and skyrocket that ELO! Click here to apply now.

Online chess classes and online chess coaching are the most effective way to learn chess.

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Online chess coaching and private chess classes are the most effective way to learn chess. At Grandmaster Mac chess academy offers private chess coaching and chess classes for kids and adults, both in-person and online. Our instructors are grandmasters and fully equipped to take your chess to the next level. This dedicated grandmaster chess lessons and chess coaching provides a direct, focused and customized course of action tailored to the needs of each individual student so growth is optimized.

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Group lessons and groups chess classes are great to learn to play chess and a great alternative to private chess coaching.  Group chess classes for are cost effective and offer a more fun and social setting. Our chess instructors provides instruction during the first portion of the online chess classes which will usually be followed by games between students, and then analysis of those games. Using this method, the students learn chess and get a fun but still personalized class.

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We are starting online chess classes for groups soon! Group classes are the most affordable and cost effective way to improve your game. The classes will be kept to a maximum of 10 students to ensure that it is the best learning environment for you. Topics from opening to endgame are available to give you the best opportunity to find something that will improve your play. Make sure to register before classes fill up!

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Like the chess world at large, here at Grandmaster Mac we offer more than online chess coaching and online chess classes; we’re a community of people of all different ages, genders and background who come together to learn, to have fun, and (of course) to capture that sweet taste of victory as often as possible. We are passionate about creating the right environment to keep you motivating and helping you learn to play chess. Get your online chess coaching here at Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy and sky rocket your ELO.

Jay Pathak
GM Mac is the best at coaching and ensuring that kids enjoy learning and playing the game of Chess. He tries to keep things simple for kids to understand. He provides right level of focus on every student and challenge his students to go an extra mile. I do recommend him based on his coaching in last six months of so to my loved one.
Ryan Thompson
I have had Mac for 5 years, and in that time, I have seen great growth in my chess. I started around 1600 with him, and I managed to get up to 2000. My openings have diversified and solidified while being open to play some fun sidelines. But I think the most important part was he was a positive and fun coach and always found a way to make chess great. I love to go to chess lessons to learn more chess and solve puzzles. Overall, I would recommend my coach and my friend, Mac.
Andrea Damon
My son has been taking chess lessons from Mac for 1.5 years as either private lessons or part of his group virtual summer camp program. Lessons with Mac are something my son looks forward to all day! He often starts the lesson with a new tactic or skill he wants my son to work on, then they often review one of my sons recent games and discuss different moves and ways he could have played, and then ends the lesson by playing a game. The group lessons were a fun experience where in addition to the new tactics that were taught, my son also had the opportunity to play against other kids roughly his age/ability in quick games in a tournament style. He was always so excited for every win and seeing where he ranked at the end of the class. I am very glad to have found Mac as a coach, he is patient, has taught my son a lot about chess, and most importantly helped my sons love for chess grow!

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