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Adams vs Torre

Philidors defense, exchange variation

We all have to stay on the watch for occurring tactics. One of them been back rank combinations where the king is most vulnerable. In this lessons Edwin Ziegler Adams creates a beautiful miniature playing the Philidor’s defense  exchange variation against Carlos Torre Repetto.

Cinematic Video

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Adams vs Torre

Philidors Defense, Exchange Variation

In chess many patterns will repeat themselves. A way to give yourself an advantage over your opponent is to practice recognizing the most important ones. In this article, we are going to see a very common tactical theme pop up, a weak back rank and back rank combinations. The key to recognizing this during a game is spotting a lack of escape squares, and vulnerable pieces defending the back rank. I am going to highlight this using the game Adams – Torre. This games features the most famous back rank combination ever played.

Grandmaster Mac Adams Vs Torre
Edwin Ziegler Adams
Carlos Torre Repetto
New Orleans, USA
Philidors defense, Exchange Variation

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