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Jacques Mieses vs Marcus Kann

Caro Kann, 1885

Marcus Kann plays his immortal game against Jacques Mieses using the Caro Kann defense and systematically shuts down Jacques Mieses attack.

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Jacques Mieses vs Marcus Kann

Caro Kann, 1885

The Caro Kann is a very respected opening that is seen by players of all levels. It’s history is not as long as many of the other openings, such as the Italian, Spanish, or Sicilian openings but it got its start with quite the bang! In this article, we will see Marcus Kann show off the opening’s potential with his victory over Jaques Mieses, one of the best players of this time period. Although the Caro Kann is not known for flashy tactics, this game shows that players on the white side can never let their guard down.

Caro Kann Mieses Vs Kann Free Chess Lesson
Hamburg, Germany
Jacques Mieses
Marcus Kann
Caro Kann
19th Century, 1885

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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