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Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne

The Evergreen Game, Italian Game, The Evan's Gambit

The evergreen game was played between Adolf Andersen and Jean Dufresne in Berlin, Germany. It stays up to date up to this day, hence the name the evergreen game. Anderssen drags Dufresne into the deep waters and dangers of The Evans Gambit.

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Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne

The Evergreen Game, Italian Game, The Evan's Gambit

Today we look at one of the most classic games in chess history, the evergreen game . This game was publishes in the “Deutsche Schachzeitung” in 1852 and played by Adolf Anderssen who is also famously known for playing the winning side of the “Immortal Game”. Play during this time period was usually all out attacking chess. This game is one of the crown jewels of this era and is still as incredible now as it was when it was played almost 170 years ago!

The Evergreen Game Anderssen Vs Dufresne Online Chess Course
The Evergreen Game , Berlin , Germany
Adolf Anderssen
Jean Dufresne
Italian Game, The Evan’s Gambit
19th Century, 1852

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