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Wilhelm Steinitz vs Curl von Bardeleben

Hastings Chess Tournament, Italian Game, Grecco Gambit

In this online chess lesson Wilhelm Steinitz plays the Grecco Gambit in the Italian game against Curl von Bardenleben and literarily demolishes his self-esteem. This game was the end of the tournament for von Bardeleben as he walked out of the Hastings chess tournament never to return.

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Wilhelm Steinitz vs Curl von Bardeleben

Hastings Chess Tournament, Italian Game, Grecco Gambit, Italian Game, Grecco Gambit

Steinitz was an important player for the development of chess understanding. Not only was he the first World Champion, he helped advance the game past the romantic players of his time period. This game is from the Hastings chess tournament of 1895 which featured the top 24(!) players in the world. Having a tournament like that today would be unheard of and would be unimaginably strong. Von Bardeleben was tied for second place going into this game, only half a point behind the leader. This loss crushed Von Bardeleben mentally and has been written about in chess books ever since.

Steinitz Von Bardeleben Online Chess Course
Wilhelm Steinitz
Curt von Bardeleben
Hastings, England
Hastings Chess Tournament
17 August 1895
Italian Game, Grecco Gambit

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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