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Elizabeth Harmon vs Vasily Borgov

Netflix's The Queens Gambit

Elizabeth Harmon takes on Vasily Borgov on the last episode of Netflix’s series Queen’s Gambit.

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Elizabeth Harmon vs Vasily Borgov

Netflix's The Queens Gambit

There has never been a better time to be a chess player and part of that is due to Netflix’ “Queen’s Gambit” spiking the popularity of chess. The show and chess featured in it is top notch. Elizabeth Harmon is the center of the show and her path towards the top of the chess world in many ways mirrors the path of Bobby Fischer. In the ultimate game of the show she faces off against the World Champion Vasily Borgov. Vasily Borgov has beaten her before and has generally been on another level compared to all other players. The game between Elizabeth Harmon and Vasily Borgov follows an encounter between Vassily Ivanchuk and Patrick Wolff from 1993 up until move 36 when the game in the show is adjourned. Play from then on out is a creation by Gary Kasparov who advised play on the show. The finish of the game is beautiful and well played. See the whole game and the great finish in our article.

Harmon Vs Borgov Online Chess Course
The Queen’s Gambit
Elizabeth Harmon
Vasili Borgov
NOV, 2020
Moscow, USSR

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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