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Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl and Count Isouard

Philidor Defense

In this chess lesson we analyze  a game where Morphy plays Duke Karl and Count Isouard in the Opera in Paris and demolishes the philidor defense. The game ends in one of Morphy’s most famous miniatures and a truly magnificent game.

Video Analysis

Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl & Count Isuard

Philidor Defense

Bobby Fischer once said that no one could play the open games as well as Paul Morphy. He certainly has a point. In this game, we analyze Paul Morphy’s most famous win and arguably the most famous chess game ever played, the Opera Game. This legendary game was played between Morphy and two high status noblemen from Europe, Duke Karl II of Brunswick and Count Isouard. They were strong amateurs and the game was played during the opera “Norma” by Bellini. It is said that Morphy was in such a rush to win the game in order to see the show that it led him to play as forcefully as possible to win the game. No matter what the reason, we are lucky to have such a game to witness.

Free Chess Lesson Morphy Vs Karl & Isouard
Paul Morphy
Duke Karl & Count Isouard
Philidors Defense

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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