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David Bronstein vs Efim Geller

Nimzo Indian

David Bronstein plays against the Nimzo Indian Defense with Efim Geller in the USSR Championship of 1961. This online chess lesson will show you a stunning queen sacrifice that ends the game instantly.

Video Analysis

David Bronstein vs Efim Geller

Nimzo Indian

David Bronstein and Efim Geller were two of the best players never to earn the title of World Champion. Both players were very combative and creative players. In this matchup between these two legends, Bronstein comes out on top. He dabbles with an adventurous and somewhat suspicious line of the Nimzo-Indian Defense from the white side. Geller allows white’s center and kingside space to get out of control which brings the game to a screeching halt after Bronstein finds an epic queen sacrifice, one of the most famous moves ever played.

Bronstein Vs Geller Chess Lesson
David Bronstein
Efim Geller
USSR Chess Championship
10 January 1895
Nimzo Indian

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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