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As a Grandmaster and chess coach I have encountered many exciting chess products and I must admit that the IChessOne foldable chess board has impressed me. What is so great about this product? There are many electronic boards with lichess…

playing the world amateur east tournament

Chess strategies for beginners

I recently participated in the World Amateur Team East. For those who don’t know about this tournament, it is the…

square off

square off pro

I am very excited to see the launch of Square Off’s new product, the Square Off Pro. I have been…

how to become a grandmaster

Ever since I learned to play chess, it was my dream to become a Grandmaster.  It has been a long…

learning chess at a young age

learning chess at young age

It is crucial for kids to learn important skills at an early age. Hobbies are a straightforward way to do…

chess school programs at grandmastermac

chess school programs

The interest for chess and the need to learn chess has grown rapidly since the start of the pandemic and…

beginner chess player

learn to play chess

Chess is a universal game which brings people of different kinds and cultures together. It is the fastest-spreading sport in…

screenshot of the turk and a chess lesson in progress

The Turk

At the dawn of 1770, an inventor by the name of Wolfgang von Kempelen debuted his latest chess playing automaton in Vienna in front of Archduchess Maria Theresa, ruler of all the Habsburg dominions. In the decade following its debut…

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