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The IChessOne Foldable Chessboard

As a Grandmaster and chess coach I have encountered many exciting chess products and I must admit that the IChessOne foldable chess board has impressed me. What is so great about this product? There are many electronic boards with lichess functionality, foldable boards, nice competition setups etc… However the IChessOne Foldable board offers all these functionalities combined into one elegant product. IChessOne has created a very nice wooden foldable chess board with all the electronic functionality one would need.

Other electronic solutions usually don’t come in wood with an elegant Staunton piece design, and if they do they are absolutely not meant for traveling. The IChessOne foldable board comes with full electronic functionality and can even connect to Lichess.

Very often when I take part at chess tournaments I am often traveling and the IChessOne foldable chess board allows me to analyze and prepare my games everywhere. Another case where I really appreciate the IChessOne is when coaching or tutoring players privately. Over the years I have created a database of interesting chess lessons on Lichess.

By connecting the chessboard through my phone I have direct access to all the tools I need to teach or explain anything from a simple tactic to a difficult variation. I’m really impressed with the IChessOne Foldable Chess Board because it gives you everything you could need out of a chessboard.

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