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The benefits of chess tutoring at a young age to learn and excel at chess

It is crucial for kids to learn important skills at an early age. Hobbies are a straightforward way to do that. Many hobbies can have a great influence on a child’s development, ranging from violin lessons, dance, athletics, or chess! Where chess differs from many other hobbies is that it blends creative thinking, science, and competition and all at the same time. According to the book, “Thinking with Chess” by “Dr. Alexey Root” , it is at the age of 5 that a kid should start learning to play chess. Chess develops many important skills such as creativity, foresight and critical thinking. With our chess tutoring program and chess instructors we introduce children to important life lessons and teaches a mature reaction to concepts such as winning, losing, or competition.

GrandmasterMac has developed a chess program designed to keep children focused and interested in order to learn chess at a young age. Besides all the benefits that chess brings along, just the concept of playing a whole chess game involves a remarkable amount of thinking and attention span that most young children need to develop. 

GrandmasterMac has courses tailored for kids of all ages. Contact us for more information on our chess coaching and chess programs.

As we know, kid’s brains are like sponges that soak up learning at an amazing rate. That’s why many kids can learn musical instruments or a second language starting from a young age. The best chance of becoming fluent in a new language is starting when you are young. Learning chess at such a young age will give them a head start. This allows young chess students to understand the game of chess and the many concepts involved when playing it. They develop a natural feel for the game.

Fun Fact; Many instructors start teaching chess with the moments of  pawns. It seems logical but it is not the perfect piece to start with. Pawns are actually the most difficult piece to understand and should be the last to learn. The Rook movements are much easier to explain to a new player.

Private Tutoring of Chess in Early Childhood

Private tutoring in chess from a Grandmaster coach is without a doubt the most effective way to get better. Armenia is a country where all six-year-old kids learn chess in primary school. Armenia has created famous names in the chess world like Levon Aronian and Tigran PetrosianWhilst the benefits of learning chess are greater at an early age every age can benefit from chess and it is never too late. According to the study of the National Institute of Health, young kids who have been studying and playing chess for a very long time experience some very unique gains in the following areas:

  1. Self-Regulation 
  2. Executive functioning 
  3. Visual perspective-taking skills

So what does it mean? Let’s break this down. 

1. Self-regulation

Self-regulation is the ability to control one’s own emotions and behavior in accordance to the demands of a certain situation. This is a big benefit of learning chess for a young student. Students will learn to slow themselves down and think through what they are doing during a chess game. If chess can advance a kid’s self-regulation, why not consider learning it?

2. Executive Functioning Skills

This is a process we take as humans to remember, learn, solve  problems and make decisions, as well as controlling our thoughts and actions. Essentially,  executive functions are the cognitive functions we use in everyday life to function in society.

3. Visual Perspective-Taking Skills (VPT)

From a psychological standpoint, it is the ability to see the world from another person’s perspective. The study suggests that by learning chess at such a young age, a child develops a boost in ability to take other people’s viewpoints in a way that proves to be more efficient.

Imagine if every kid would learn these skills as they entered kindergarten. Their perspective on learning would completely change. Private classes and private chess tutoring in person are the best way to achieve this. Our private tutoring program will speed up the learning process significantly because we can evaluate the students process and adjust the learning plan according to the student’s needs.

2 Children Playing Chess

Chess tutoring

Learning the basics of chess like setting up the board and the pieces or learning the rules of the game can be learned quickly. However, one of the beauties of chess is that it is easy to learn but incredibly hard to master. Kids can learn chess at a very early age but the key is to teach them in a “child-oriented way” and adjust methods. This is where our chess instructors come in. Our chess instructors break chess down into understandable and fun lessons tailored to the needs of your children. This is how we achieve the best results.

 A game of chess has billions of possibilities and most of them are wrong beginners overstress significantly confronted with all of this information. There is no need for your child to go through all that. Our chess instructors break chess down into understandable and fun lessons tailored to the needs of your children. This is how we achieve the best results.

Studies show that chess benefits kids' advanced test scores on many subjects such as reading, math, science and more. Kids do better in school when they study chess.

Chess is a great training tool to improve academic skills and performance. Many schools are picking up on the benefits of chess as an education tool and include chess tutoring in classes.  Contact us for more information on our chess tutoring programs.

Chess training & Chess Tutoring

If your child wants to take chess a bit more seriously then finding a good chess instructor for your child’s chess tutoring is essential. Our chess instructors have years of experience tutoring many students of all levels. Our instructors have the ability to see your kid’s game from another perspective and help him evaluate his game in order to reach new heights.

Some children might live further away or not be able to take classes in person for their chess tutoring. For this Grandmastermac offers online chess lessons online in one-on-one format or in groups. The students in our group classes are approximately the same level. We keep our group lessons to a maximum of 12 students to be able to attend to each student. There are unique advantages of doing lessons online. Online lessons can be recorded and played through again. The work done during the lessons is saved permanently and is easy to review.

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