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Chess Programs and Chess Activities for your school

The interest for chess and the need to learn chess has grown rapidly since the start of the pandemic and television series “Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. This is very understandable, considering it takes only two people to play, and playing chess online is a fun activity. Playing chess also helps to acquire abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Therefore chess school programs are the perfect tool to get children through lockdowns and quarantine in a fun and educative way.

Teaching Ches As A School Program

Chess classes are known for boosting important traits such as concentration, logical reasoning, critical thinking and much more. With our grandmaster chess programs you students will be not only enjoy chess but be engaged in the process of learning. Get in touch with us for more information.

Chess is great as a school program

A school chess program not only help students sharpen soft skills such as creative thinking and visualization but improve academic performances as well. Understanding and improving at chess is important for kids to enjoy this beautiful game. GrandmasterMac has developed a fun, effective, and captivating way of teaching chess to children of all ages.

The recent pop culture hit, “The Queen’s Gambit” is based on the book by Walter Tevis released in 1983. The story is about an orphaned girl and chess genius Beth Harmon who struggles with addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world. She finds herself on the path to succeed in the world of chess.

The Queens Gambit

The Queen’s gambit is not the only inspiring chess story that has been produced. In 2016, Disney released the movie “Queen of Katwe” based on a true story written by Tim Crothers. The Ugandan girl, Phiona Mutesi, whose passion for chess leads her to a surprising journey “from a life in the slums of Uganda to become a chess champion.”

Beautiful and entertaining stories like these have promoted and increased the general interests in chess a lot during the past years. Sales of chess sets in the US skyrocketed 87 percent in October of 2020. Google and other search engines have had a huge increase of chess related searches looking for chess literature, movies, books and other resources.

Queen Of Katwe

Naturally, GrandmasterMac follows up on this trend and regularly creates fun and engaging content which is both a good source of chess knowledge and entertainment. We have created a library of chess video content ranging from video lessons to cartoons that cover many subjects such as tactics, chess opening or the history of chess. With this collection of videos we allow students not only to learn and study chess, but to enjoy chess and have fun with it.

Learning chess can be challenging and  overwhelming for young and new players after being confronted with all of the complexities of this game at once. GrandmasterMac has developed an effective method that teaches children to play chess but also keeps them focused and always  excited to learn more about it. Click here to use our contact form and request more information on how we could implement chess programs and after school programs at your institution. We are happy to accommodate special requests or tailor the program around the needs of the school. We hope to work together with the school to create the best environment and program possible for all students involved.

Personal After School Chess Classes

Not only do we offer chess programs just for schools but we can also offer them to parents. You or your children might have zero experience in playing chess and you might be questioning yourself on how you could teach your kids to play chess with no prior experience at all. Don’t let that hold you back GrandmasterMac is here to help. We have years of experience teaching children of all levels as well as adults.

Private Chess Classes For Kids

Contact us and learn more about the benefits of personal after school classes and how children can learn important soft skills while learning and enjoying chess.

You might also think that your kid won’t have anyone to play against once he or she masters the game at home. There are currently many chess resources online such as and where your children can play and learn about chess on their own. This together with our online chess lessons and resources on our website allows children to continue to improve and enjoy playing chess. GrandmasterMac offers special group classes for children of all levels. Click here to apply and receive more information about it. We are always eager to help.

Chess clubs and chess coaching

Circling back to schools, besides being a very effective education tool, chess is also a fun and exciting game that your children enjoy in a school chess club. School chess clubs are a great asset and make your school much just more exciting and fun. Chess clubs help children meet and make new friends but not only that, it also allows children to have a fun time and play chess but it also teaches children many things like to enjoy working hard, competing in a healthy way, recognizing their talents and so much more.

Invitational Chess Cup

We have coached many school teams and helped their students increase their confidence and reach their full potential whether they are competing at a state, national, or international level or just for fun.

Even just an hour of devoted chess coaching in school can boost a student’s level so much more than simply reading about chess or playing online. This comes along with many other benefits for children such as learning problem-solving skills, to visualize concepts or even learning to lose and learning to win. These skills are all part of an important skill set and essential traits that help develop children into successful and mature adults.

We are happy to work with the school to add a new chess club to your programs or help expand your already existing chess clubs with exciting chess lessons and coaching from a dedicated coach. You might even want to prepare your school club to compete in the tournaments of different levels that take place all over the United States. Click here and get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.

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