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Welcome to our library of free chess lessons. We update this library regularly and with it we try to create a fun and effective free resource for everyone to  learn chess online at his own pace. These chess lessons and online chess courses cover chess openings, chess traps and many more important topics and are an effective way to learn to play chess online.  With these chess lessons bundled in chess courses  Grandmaster Mac Molner brings you a throughout chess video analysis of famous chess games and cutting edge chess openings. In order to help you learn chess more effectively we have added a PGN viewer that allows you to go through the moves while watching and listening to the videos.  Grandmaster Mac Chess Academy is the place learn to play chess online. Make sure you also check out our Grandmaster Chess Lessons and Online Chess Coaching which will improve your chess dramatically.


Italian Game Online Chess Course
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Live Analysis, Chess Diagram, PGN Analysis, Cinematic Videos

This online chess course consists out of free online chess lessons with chess video analysis designed to teach you the in and outs of The Italian Game. The Italian Game a double king pawn opening characterized by the development of white’s light-squared bishop to the square c4 where it attacks Black’s vulnerable f7-square. It is part of the large family of Open Games and King’s Pawn Games. The opening can be both quiet and slow in nature or explosive and aggressive depending on how both sides would like to handle the opening.



Attacking Chess Online Chess Course And Free Chess Lessons
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Live Analysis, Chess Diagram, PGN Analysis, Cinematic Videos

Grandmaster Mac Molner is known for his unique, wildly aggressive style. This online chess course is a bundle of free chess lessons where Grandmaster Mac analyzes games from famous players highlighting important concepts such as attacking the king, maintaining activity of pieces and to be always on the look out for the initiative. This online chess course will improve your understanding of specific attacking concepts and help you to adapt a more aggressive mindset when playing chess.



Sicilian Defense Online Chess Course And Free Chess Lessons
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Live Analysis, Chess Diagram, PGN Analysis, Cinematic Videos

Grandmaster Mac has prepared another online chess course by bundling free chess lessons on The Sicilian opening. It is currently the most popular response to White’s first move 1.e4. It also has the best results as an answer to 1.e4. As a matter of fact the positive results the Sicilian Defense is the reason that 1.d4 is a statistically a more successful opening for White. The earliest recorded notes on the Sicilian Defense date back to the late 16th century by the Italian chess players Giulio Polerio and Gioachino Greco.



Free Chess Lessons with live Chess Analysis of Famous Games and miniatures

Welcome to our library of free chess lessons where we make learning chess fun and exciting. Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner analyses through out famous games played in the past by Grandmasters like Gary Kasparov, Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Emanuel Lasker and much more.  To become better at chess there is no other way than to learn hard and often. These videos are designed to help you do just that and to become better at chess. Learn to play chess online here at Grandmaster Mac.

Blumenfeld Gambit Tarrash Vs Alekhine Free Chess Lesson

Tarrash vs Alekhine, Blumenfeld Gambit

In this game we see a clash of styles. Tarrasch who is playing the white…

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Ruy Lopez Steinitz Variation Korchmar Poliak Chess Lesson

Korchmar vs Poliak, Ruy Lopez

There have been an endless amount of impressive talents and players from Ukraine, however the…

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Bronstein Vs Geller Chess Lesson

Bronstein vs Geller, Nimzo Indian

David Bronstein and Efim Geller were two of the best players never to earn the…

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Polish Immortal Glucks Berg Vs Najdorf Online Chess Course

Glucksberg vs Najdorf , Dutch Defense

Miguel Najdorf originally from Poland, left a lasting mark on chess through one of the…

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Gurgenidze Vs Tal Online Chess Course

Gurgenidze vs Tal, Modern Benoni

In this chess lesson Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner analyzes one of Mikhail Tal's most brilliant chess…

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Private chess coaching and grandmaster chess lessons are the most effective way to learn chess. At Grandmaster Mac chess academy we offer chess coaching and chess classes, both in-person and online. Our instructors are grandmasters and fully equipped to take your chess to the next level. These dedicated grandmaster chess lessons and private chess coaching provides a direct, focused and customized course of action tailored to the needs of each individual student so growth is optimized.

Chess Analysis Online Chess Courses
Chess Videos And Online Chess Courses On Youtube

We just launched the GrandmasterMac YouTube channel. Come check it out! We will have all of our previous videos uploaded and will be introducing a new format of live chess analysis and chess articles to go along with it. Make sure to subscribe to stay tuned for the regularly updated content!

Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses


Welcome to our library of free chess lessons and chess videos. We add and update our free chess lessons often and add new chess videos and pgn chess analysis pgn frequently. As the saying goes not every artist is a chess player but every chess player is an artist Therefore we also make fun cinematic chess video for you to just sit back and enjoy beautiful chess miniatures.

Cinematic and musical chess analysis videos of famous chess miniatures.

Free Chess Lesson Morphy Vs Karl & Isouard

Morphy vs Duke Karl and Count Isouard

In this chess lesson we analyze  a game where Morphy plays Duke Karl and Count Isouard in the Opera in Paris and demolishes…

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Hanon Vs Borgov Queen S Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit revisited

Elizabeth Harmon takes on Vasily Borgov on the last episode of Netflix's series Queen's Gambit.

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Nezhmeditnov Vs Tal Online Chess Course

Nezhmetdinov vs Tal

Nezhmetdinov vs Tal are you in for a treat. Even with an early queen's trade Nezhmetdinov shows Tal around and demolishes Tals's Sicilian…

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Caro-kann-mieses-kann Online Chess Course

Mieses vs Kann

Marcus Kann plays his immortal game against Jacques Mieses using the Caro Kann defense and systematically shuts down Jacques Mieses attack.

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Rubinsteins Immortal Rotweli Vs Rubinstein Free Chess Course

Rubinsteins Immortal

Everyone wishes they could play a game that they can call their own Mona Lisa. Some kind of masterpiece that they can truly…

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The Chinese Immortal Jinshi Bai Vs Ding Liren Free Chess Course

Jinshi Bai vs Ding Liren

Ding Liren is world class player and recently shot up as high as number 2 in the world on the rating list. Going…

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The Dark Kight Moiseenko Vs Korley Online Chess Course

The Dark Knight

Chess Lesson & Video: Today's game features a good friend of mine, International Master, Kassa Korley. In this game he takes the black…

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Chess Video Carlsson Vs Sokolov Free Chess Course

A Bishop From Hell

Sometimes the most gratifying wins are the ones when your opponent plays a great game but you manage to narrowly best them. It…

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The Dragon Karpov Vs Korchnoi

Karpov vs Korchnoi

The modern form of the Dragon was originated by German master Louis Paulsen around 1880.It was played frequently by Henry Bird that decade, then received general acceptance…

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Tasker Vs Thomas Online Chess Course

Fatal Attraction

Chess Lesson & video: In this game Edward Lasker is not to be overshadowed. Edward was an international master and distant relative of…

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The Evans Gambit Napoleon Marache Paul Morphy Online Chess Course

Marache vs Morphy

Paul Morphy plays the black side of the Evans Gambit against Napoleon Marache and makes it look easy. He finishes the game with…

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Molner Vs Corrales New Jersey Open 2018

Molner vs Corrales

Chess Lesson and Video: Sometimes in chess a win is the only result that matters to you. In today's game I was in…

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The Evergreen Game Anderssen Vs Dufresne

Anderssen vs Dufresne

The evergreen game was played between Adolf Andersen and Jean Dufresne in Berlin, Germany. It stays up to date up to this day,…

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Iglesias Vs Molner

When life gives you lemons

Chess Lesson and Video:  Chessplayers are famous for being prophylactic thinkers. One of the most common phrases you'll hear when looking for advice…

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Grandmaster Mac S Immortal

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Chess Lesson and Video:  After the previous chess video and article on the Grunfeld defense, this article will show a game I played…

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Hammer vs Carlsen; The Viking Sagas

Chess Lesson and Video: Jon Ludvig Hammer and Magnus Carlsen have been two of Norway's finest players and most promising talents since they…

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Russia Vs The World

Russia vs The World

Chess Lesson and Video:  In our featured game today, we are moving from Bobby Fischer to the previous World Champion, Boris Spassky. Spassky…

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The Game of the Century

Chess Lesson and Video:  "The game of the century" is maybe the ultimate title any chess game could attain. It's hard to imagine…

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Grandmaster Mac Adams Vs Torre

Back Rank Adams vs Torre

We all have to stay on the watch for occurring tactics. One of them been back rank combinations where the king is most…

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Shirov Polgar Sicilian Defense

Shirov vs Polgar

Judit Polgar known for her aggressiveness plays the Sicilian Defense against none other than Alexey Shirov and demolishes white in spectacular fashion.

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Immortal Sacrifice Serper Vs Nikolaidis

grigori serper vs ioannis nikolaidis

Grigori Serper plays the Sacrifice immortal and sacrifices all of his pieces and achieves a spectacular victory over Ioannis Nikolaidis in the St…

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Chess Articles

Chess Lessons Passers Zhu Vs Finn


In this chess lesson we analyze a game of Sean Finn, one of our teammates who plays the Kings Indian highlighting the importance…

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Chess Lessons Passers Zhu Vs Finn


The game for this chess lesson comes from the final match of the tournament. We were 5-0 as a team and facing off…

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Deflection Chess Lesson


Most chess games are won or lost due to one player being more tactically alert than their opponent. A great device to have…

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Knight And Bishop Mate Online Course

The Knight & Bishop Mate

One of the most common questions I get is, "can you show me how to do the bishop and knight checkmate?" It's definitely…

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Blunder Chess Course

What Was I Thinking?

We've all been sitting at the chessboard in real life or virtually and wondered "what on Earth was I thinking?" It's an unfortunate…

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Mikhael Tal Plays The Indian Defence

The Kings Indian Defense

The King's Indian Defense is a daring response to white's 1. d4. Black gives up space in the center to develop quickly on…

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The French Defense Analyzed

The French Defense

Not all chess players like open games and tactical slugfests. The French Defense, the opening featured in this article is a slower paced…

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Grandmaster Mac Grunfeld Defence

The Grunfeld Defense

Continuing on the 1. d4 trend, next up is the Grunfeld defense. A hypermodern opening, the Grunfeld defense places activity above all else.…

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5 Exciting 1.d4 Openings Traps

A lot of attention is paid to the tricks, traps, and intricacies of the Open Games starting with 1. e4 but not today!…

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The Najdorf Scicilian

Opening tastes differ from person to person but some trends never die. The Najdorf is an opening that stands the test of time…

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Pawn Weaknesses and Fortresses

Chess feels difficult no matter who you are. One of the things that can make things easier to understand is breaking down a…

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The Cardinal Sin of Chess

What is the cardinal sin of chess? Not thinking about your opponent's idea! Every chess player is guilty of this but it doesn't…

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Important Drawn Rook Endgames

In this article we are going to be reviewing two of the most important drawing techniques in rook and pawn endgames. I am…

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Loose Pieces Drop Off

In this lesson I'll be analyzing one of the most embarrassing defeats by any World Champion! We will be look at Christiansen -…

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Spotlight on the Italian Game

The Italian Game is one of the oldest openings in chess and for good reason. The sound logic and reasoning behind the quick…

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Opening Traps

Don't fall victim to your opponent's tricks and traps! Learn 5 of the most important opening traps that players fall for. This article…

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