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Back Rank Adams vs Torre

We all have to stay on the watch for occurring tactics. One of them been back rank combinations where the king is most vulnerable. In this lessons Edwin Ziegler Adams creates a beautiful miniature playing the Philidor's defense¬† exchange variation…

Shirov vs Polgar

Judit Polgar known for her aggressiveness plays the Sicilian Defense against none other than Alexey Shirov and demolishes white in spectacular fashion.

The Cardinal Sin of Chess

What is the cardinal sin of chess? Not thinking about your opponent's idea! Every chess player is guilty of this but it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do better! In this article we are going to see a few…

Important Drawn Rook Endgames

In this article we are going to be reviewing two of the most important drawing techniques in rook and pawn endgames. I am going to explain how to hold a draw when your opponent only has one pawn left, which…

Loose Pieces Drop Off

In this lesson I'll be analyzing one of the most embarrassing defeats by any World Champion! We will be look at Christiansen - Karpov in which Karpov loses in only 12 moves! The lesson from the game will be focused…

Spotlight on the Italian Game

The Italian Game is one of the oldest openings in chess and for good reason. The sound logic and reasoning behind the quick developing moves has found devoted followers for centuries. Learn the important mainlines for both colors.

Opening Traps

Don't fall victim to your opponent's tricks and traps! Learn 5 of the most important opening traps that players fall for. This article will help you spot traps but also set them for your opponent when the time is right.

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