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The Two Knights Variation

In this online chess lesson we analyze The Two Knights variation which was first played by Polerio (c. 1550 – c. 1610) in the late 16th century, this line of the Italian Game was extensively developed in the 19th century. Black’s third move is a more aggressive defense than the Giuoco Piano. Black invites White to attack his f7-pawn with 4.Ng5. If White accepts the offer, the game quickly takes on a tactical character: Black is practically forced to give up a pawn for the initiative. The complications are such that David Bronstein suggested that the term “defense” does not fit, and that the name “Chigorin Counterattack” would be more appropriate


The Italian Game, 2 Knights Variation

The Two Knights variation of the Italian game is one of the most famous variations in all of chess. It’s been played for hundreds of years and it is still seen at all levels of chess. No matter the level of the players it leads to early and interesting attacks with chances for both players. In this analysis and video you will have the chance to pick and choose exactly which variations you’d like to go for and which ones to avoid. For players that play the Italian game with either color having an understanding of the Two Knights variation is an invaluable tool.

Polerio vs Domenico 1610

1610  the tercios from Spain and its allies roam trough Europe at full march. Meanwhile in Rome 2 great chess players, Gulio Cesare Polerio and Domenico play The two knights variation of the Italian game. They play the fried Liver attack one of the more aggressive lines of the two knights variation reminiscing of the optimism, romance and passion typical of the time.

Cinematic Video

The Fried Liver Attack in the Two Knights variation of the Ityalian has induced many headaches. It turns out you can trace its history all the way back to Rome, Italy in the year 1610 to this same game between Polerio and Domenico. We are going back 410 years and look at it’s deadly debut. The game is between two of the time periods best players, Polerio and Domenico. The game stands up remarkably well to the test of time. There were improvements for both players but it was still well played and shows many of the key ideas that players with both colors will want to know.


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The two knights variation in action

Polerio vs Domenico 1610

Italian Two Knights Variation The Fried Liver Attack Online Chess Course

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