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Siegbert Tarrash vs Alexander Alekhine

Bad Pistyan, Piestany, Czechoslovakia, Blumenfeld Gambit

This online chess lesson is all about activity and space. Alexander Alekhine patiently plays the Blumenfeld gambit against no other than Siebert Tarrasch and comes out victorious in the tournament of Bad Pistyan in Czechoslovakia year 1922.


Siegbert Tarrasch vs Alexander Aleknine

Blumenfeld Gambit

In this game we see a clash of styles. Tarrasch who is playing the white pieces, was well known as a strict follower of classical chess principles. He achieved incredible results and was one of the best players in the world during his lifetime. However, in this game he was up against one of the greatest champions in chess history, Alexander Alekhine. Alekhine was the complete package. He could play positionally, tactically, creatively. He had no limits and in this game he places the daring Blumenfeld gambit. He plays an unorthodox opening against the most orthodox or players and it works like a charm. Tarrasch quickly loses his way in these uncharted waters and Alekhine builds up his advantage systematically before going for the finishing blow.

Blumenfeld Gambit Tarrash Vs Alekhine Free Chess Lesson
Siegbert Tarrasch
Alexander Alekhine
Piestany, Czechoslovakia
Bad Pistyan
07 April 1922
Blumenfeld Gambit

“Many have become chess Masters; no one has become the master of chess.”

Siegbert Tarash

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Chess Lessons And Online Chess Courses

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